Who We Are: Sports Eleven05 is a 100 percent minor owned Sports & Entertainment company based out of New York City. The company was co-founded by a  HBCU Alum and a Serial Entrepreneur.

What Makes Us Different: Sports Eleven05 LLC is focused on the development and growth of its clients as well as the assets it owns and operates. We as an example, as the owners of the HBCU NY Football Classic we elected to pay each of the participating schools a six-figure honorariumIn addition, we are covering 100 percent of the school’s travel, lodging and meals while in New York for the Classic. By doing this, it allows both schools to realize 100 percent of revenue generated by way of the honorarium. This is a first for Historical Black Colleges and Universities who participates in classics around the country. These great institutions now have some of the critically needed resources to help their Athletic and Music Departments purchase equipment, instruments, provide scholarships, and much more.

To further our support for students, parents and grandparents whom want to continue the family legacy of attending an HBCU, but may have some financial hardships; We have partnered with a 501c3, The Tools for School Foundation, who will be providing an opportunity for one student from each of the 105 HBCU schools to win a  two thousand dollar book scholarship.